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Do you know what a Fundación Serrano ham sandwich contributes to your child's diet?

  • Proteins necessary for replacing tissue lost during the day. These are high quality proteins which provide essential amino acids.

  • Heme iron, which forms part of blood cells and muscles, helping your children to grow strong and protecting them from illnesses.

  • Phosphorus, which is the most important nutrient for brain function and essential for the proper development of bones and nervous system.

  • Potassium, which purifies digestive juices and helps care for the intestine. It also nourishes muscles and brain cells, tones the body and helps protect against disease.

  • Zinc, which is important for the immune system and for growth and development.

Who can eat Serrano ham?

Serrano ham is perfect for the entire family and for all types of diets, including low-calorie diets. It is perfectly adaptable for people with special needs, such as children, adolescents, sportsmen and the elderly.

What criteria should I follow to choose a good Serrano ham?

The first thing you should do is to examine the product as a whole, paying special attention to the distinguishing signs of quality. We recommend reading the label and checking the following features: the TSG quality symbol and guarantee and the curing period, which is found on the label for the different Fundación del Jamón Serrano categories.

Check to see how it feels. Serrano ham should be neither too soft nor too hard. Look at the outer layer of fat, which is a symbol of quality. The more fat on the outside of the Serrano ham, the greater the infiltration of fat inside, which makes for a better quality product.

Is it true that Serrano ham can help regulate cholesterol?

Indeed, Serrano ham helps to eliminate "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and increase our levels of "good" cholesterol (HDL). This occurs because of the high levels of oleic acid (the unsaturated fatty acid found in olive oil) and the balance of fats found in the product.

We can say that Serrano ham is a heart-healthy food, rich in unsaturated fatty acids (primarily oleic acid), with a favorable composition of saturated fatty acids because of the high amount of palmitic acid, which can be transformed into oleic acid in the body.

Is Serrano ham high in fat?

No. Serrano ham is a low calorie product recommended for any type of weight-loss diet. It is very low in fat (approximately 4%), and has zero carbohydrates, meaning that it is very low in calories.

We can reduce the amount of calories in Serrano ham even more if we remove the outer layer of fat before consuming.

Does Serrano ham contribute to childhood growth?

Indeed, it does. Serrano ham is food that is rich in protein (nearly 30% of Serrano ham is protein). These proteins are high biological value proteins which contain ALL essential amino acids, therefore aiding in the growth of children and young people and in the body's metabolic development.

We can consider that 150 g of Serrano ham per day provides the recommended daily intake of protein for a child.

It is also rich in heme iron, which is much more readily absorbed by the body than the iron found in vegetable products. This iron helps transport hemoglobin in the blood and participates in the development of our physical strength and capacity.

Does Serrano ham help in childhood intellectual development?

It clearly does.  A child's mental activity depends greatly on the function of enzymes which use zinc as a catalyst for improved function. Serrano ham is rich in zinc, which therefore activates the enzymes that are responsible for children's mental development and activity.

Is Serrano ham good for improving physical capacity and increasing our body's endurance?

Yes. Serrano ham is rich in zinc, which is a catalyst for activating carbonic anhydrase reactions, an enzyme which helps to clean the blood by eliminating excess CO2 and facilitating oxygen uptake, which in turn allows tired tissue to recover more quickly and provides extra protection against physical effort.

Should I avoid the white spots in Serrano ham?

Not at all. These are crystals formed by tyrosine deposits which appear in Serrano ham after long curing periods. It is a symbol of quality, as it guarantees that the product has been cured for a long period. They do not affect the flavor or aroma of the product in any way.

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Pedro Delgado

"Jamón Serrano has always been part of the cyclist's diet"

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