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La Fundación del Jamon Serrano meets with the new Chairman of the Food Industry

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La Fundación del Jamón Serrano se reúne con el nuevo Director General de la Industria Alimentaria

La Fundación del Jamón Serrano Español, represented by the General Secretary, José Ramón Godoy, together with representatives from the Confederation of Spanish Meat Associations (CONFECARNE), met with Fernando Burgaz Moreno, the new Chairman of the Food Industry within the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) to discuss topics of interest for the meat industry.

During the meeting, in which the new Chairman was accompanied by Deputy Chairpersons Cristina Clemente (Food Planning and Control), Josefa Lueso (Food Promotion) and Clemente Mata (Distinguishing Quality), the Fundación remarked on the strategic interest of the sector in substituting the current Jamón Serrano TSG for a Protected Geographical Indication, which would limit production to Spanish territory, allowing for greater international protection of this emblematic product of Spanish cuisine.

The Ministry representative indicated that this strategy is feasible, although not without difficulties, signaling the need for unity within the sector in order to initiate the process, which should then be brought directly before the European Commission.

In the area of product promotion, the General Deputy Chairperson agreed to help the Fundación introduce Spanish products in promotional activities at exhibitions, seminars and other events, both in Spain and abroad.

En cuanto a los estudios de interés sectorial, el Director General valoró positivamente la inclusión de las propuestas de la Fundación dentro del Plan de Asistencias Técnicas que desarrolla el Ministerio, facilitando la línea de ayuda para completar los proyectos. No entiendo este párrafo. ¿Cuál de las dos interpretaciones es? "Dijo que adelante para incluir las propuestas en el Plan", o "Dijo que ‘qué bien que se hayan incluido'". ¿Cuáles son las propuestas? ¿Lo del IGP? ¿La línea de ayuda es la pasta que han dado para traducciones, etc.?

To wrap up the meeting, the Deputy Chairperson for Planning expressed her willingness to work with the Fundación to take a stand against deviations detected by our Quality Control System in the quality and labeling of Jamón Serrano, primarily outside our borders.

Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Castilla-La Mancha

The Fundación also met with María Luisa Soriano, Minister of Agriculture for the Council of Castilla-La Mancha, one of the regions with the greatest ham production, to explain as well the Fundación's line of action and the needs of the sector. During the meeting, the vice president of the Fundación del Jamón Serrano, Antonio Arroyo, suggested the possibility of holding the 2016 World Ham Conference in Toledo, given the relevance of the agrofood, meat and ham industries in this region.



La Fundación del Jamón Serrano was created in 2000 and comprises close to one hundred ham manufacturing industries in 13 regions. Its objective is to promote, publicize and protect the "Jamón Serrano" designation, backed at Community level by the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) label.

Hams bearing the FUNDACIÓN label are available exclusively in the Reserva category, for hams which have been cured for a minimum of 12 months, and Gran Reserva, for hams which have been cured for more than 15 months. Our sliced, packaged ham has been cured for 10 months, situating FUNDACIÓN hams well above the levels required by Community regulations for TSG.

FUNDACIÓN JAMÓN SERRANO Corporate Communication

José M. Alvarez. Tel.: 646 65 28 46. E-mail:

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