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An Andalusian Meal with Serrano Ham

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Julio Fernández
Abantal Restaurant. Seville (1 Michelin Star)

Today we have prepared several dishes at Abantal in Seville, together with the Fundación del Jamón Serrano.

It is a menu based primarily on this magnificent product - Serrano ham. We have created five savory dishes and two sweet.

The first dish we are going to prepare with Serrano ham is an emulsion with Baena virgin olive oil and tomato, cheese mousse and dried Serrano ham bits. We dried the Serrano ham and used it as a garnish for this creation.

Our second recipe, now that it is fall and we are in mushroom season, is a dish with chanterelle mushrooms and ham lentils. We made a broth with the leanest parts of the ham, the parts that are least often eaten, and we have created a highly concentrated broth. We gelatinized the broth and formed it into lentils, which will accompany these wonderful autumn mushrooms we have here.

Now another starter - a truffle-stuffed egg served with truffle ham and potatoes.This dish is based on a wonderful combination of ingredients, traditional but with a modern touch.

Our next dish is fish. We are going to prepare a fish with personality - cod - with Serrano ham pisto, or ratatouille.

And for our meat dish we have selected a cut I think goes quite nicely with our star product, Serrano ham. It is a marinated presa ibérica, with a very Andalusian flavor, which will be served with a Serrano ham parmentier.

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Pedro Delgado

"Jamón Serrano has always been part of the cyclist's diet"

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