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Specifications Sheet

4. Description of Cured Product Characteristics

4.1 Physiochemical Properties

4.1.1 Fat.

Shiny and oily, white to yellowish in color, with a pleasant taste and aroma. The consistency will vary slightly, and is firmer near muscle mass and slightly cushiony near areas of adipose tissue.

4.1.2 Drying Index.

Maximum moisture content of de-fatted product: 57%, measured at a homogeneous cross-cut portion of the ham, 15 mm thick (±2 mm), taken 4 centimeters from the head of the femur with the rind removed, and a moisture gradient between the external and central part of a maximum of 12%.

4.1.3 Salt Content.

A maximum sodium chloride content of 15% of defatted, dry extract, measured on the above sample.


4.2 Organoleptic Properties

4.2.1 Color and Appearance of Cut.

Characteristic pink to purple color of lean meat and glossy fat. Homogenous at the cut. No drying of outside surface (hams without rind).

4.2.2 Flavor and Aroma.

A delicate-flavored meat which is not salty and which has a pleasant, characteristic aroma. No anomalous smell or flavor.

4.2.3 Texture.

Homogenous, not fibrous, doughy or soft.

4.2.4 Presentation.

Hams are uniform and homogenous and may be sold in any of the following forms:

  • V-cut with foot
  • V-cut without foot
  • Round-cut with foot
  • Round-cut without foot
  • Boned ham with rind
  • V-cut boned ham
  • Boned, defatted ham without rind

Other Commercial Presentations:

Other presentations may be obtained based on the above formats.


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Pedro Delgado

"Jamón Serrano has always been part of the cyclist's diet"

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