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Fernando Savater

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The well-known philosopher, writer and member of various groups for the promotion of peace talks of his passion for Serrano ham, which he calls a fine Spanish ambassador abroad. He recommends eating it "in chunks".

fotografía de Fernando Savater

As a good citizen of San Sebastian, you must certainly be a gourmet expert. What do you like most about a good Serrano ham?

Everything about a pig is great, even the trotters. And what's not to like about Serrano ham? I think it is advisable to eat a little ham, whatever kind, than to not eat it.

What are your favorite Serrano ham dishes?

I love having a light dinner at home - a nice salad with rocket, parmesan cheese and a couple of slices of Serrano ham. I also love eating Serrano ham in chunks. Much better than in tapas!

When Nietzsche isolated himself in his refuge to think and write, he requested "a coat to keep warm, notebooks to write in and ham to eat." Do you need Serrano ham to write as well?

FS: Nietzsche was truly a fan of cold meats and Westfalia ham. If he had tried Serrano ham, it would have been a different story. What I need is my glass of whisky, and if I can accompany it with some chunks of Serrano ham, even better.


It is quite common to use the term "ham" to make a positive comparison, ("está como un jamón" = "he/she is hot")...

Quite true. Ham is a term par excellence to refer to something good, something desirable, a craving... It is difficult to find anything that rivals the qualities of Serrano ham, while with other foods (oysters, lobster, caviar, etc.) we do find frequent detractors.

Is eating Serrano ham like reading a good book - it must be done slowly to savor it?

It doesn't matter. You just need to eat it however you can.

Would gluttony with Serrano ham be a capital sin?

Certainly not. To begin with, gluttony should be the least of the capital sins. Gluttony has to do with hygiene, not morality. And overdoing it with Serrano ham makes this even truer.

Do you consider Serrano ham as an "element of social integration"?

Logically. How many times do groups of friends gather together around a good plate of Serrano ham! In Spain, Serrano ham is the guest that should always be invited. It is the ideal companion.

Do you think it is a good ambassador for Spain?

I do, although it's something that terrifies me. The better-known Serrano ham is, the more chances there are that we will run out of it in Spain. Let me tell you a little story. Robert de Niro came to San Sebastián to the home of painter and film director Julián Schnabel, who is married to a woman from San Sebastián. He stayed at their home for a month and a half, which is when he discovered Serrano ham. Now, wherever he is, he requests that a Serrano ham be brought to him, and the gift he most enjoys giving to the people he loves is a good Serrano ham.


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Pedro Delgado

"Jamón Serrano has always been part of the cyclist's diet"

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