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Contest organized by 'Pan cada día' and the Fundación Jamón Serrano Español on Facebook.

Concurso de `Pan cada día` y la Fundación Jamón Serrano Español en Facebook

The Facebook profile for the "Pan cada día - Con pan en la mesa la comida sabe mejor" campaign (Bread Every Day - Everything Tastes Better with Bread) has launched a contest in collaboration with Fundación Jamón Serrano Español for users who upload a photo of their favorite tapa, tosta or sandwich with ham and bread as the main ingredients.

The author of the winning photo will receive a night for two with breakfast included at "El Jardín de la Huerta", Camino del Molino s/n, Galleguillos de Campos, 24329 Sahagún (León) and two tickets for the Museo del Pan (Carretera Sahagún 47, 47680 Mayorga de Campos, Valladolid), with a tasting and audioguide included *see hotel availability and museum opening times.

Both the "Con pan en la mesa la comida sabe mejor" and the "Fundación Jamón Serrano Español" Facebook profiles will comment on how the contest is progressing: number of participants, days remaining, etc.

The contest will take place between March 21 and April 11 (until 15:00). The winner will be announced on April 12. 

Concurso de `Pan cada día` y la Fundación Jamón Serrano Español en Facebook

Museo del Pan (Bread Museum)

The Museo del Pan in Mayorga will be the first and only museum in Spain to feature this staple food product. It will measure a total of 2,855 square metres, and will be located in the deconsecrated church of San Juan and several annexed buildings in this town in Valladolid. The museum will house a permanent exhibit on the growing and harvesting of wheat, and how it is transformed into flour and baked into bread. It will also explain the history, varieties and commercialization of bread, as well as its presence in art history. The building will likewise house an exhibit hall, baking school, bakery, children's learning center, restaurant and shop.



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Pedro Delgado

"Jamón Serrano has always been part of the cyclist's diet"

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